Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 21st mani

I found a nifty place near my humble abode. I can just say that the prices are AMAZING!! 50% off all Essie and OPI polishes!!! Soooooo, being that I have this fasination will all things nails related. I am proud to say that I have a complete collection of the OPI Muppets Most wanted Collection. Anyways, I am getting off track... bahahahaha. Todays post is this weeks mani!! I was feeling the creative bone, and although I realized I need to practice my hearts, here is my MANI!!! Using my Julep Oxygen base coat (which I am totally in love with), I covered all my 10, extremely long nail beds! My hearts were done with a very small dotting tool!! Dont have a dotting tool, use a toothpick!!

Here is my base coat!
My base colors OPI Angel with a Leadfoot and China Glaze Aquadelic

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Todays mani.

This morning.... I had plenty of time on my hands and before I celebrate another chapter in my life I decided it was mani time... at 730 in the morning... lol. Yesterday I recieved my July Julep Maven and, since I need to practice my taping skills... here is the result. Started off with my oxygen base coat by Julep. Then all but my accent nails are Lorenzana, by Julep. My accent nail: under polish is Love by Julep and the top is Tamara. I already have the next mani in mind!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sisters mani

My sister loves skulls. Her inner Mexican loves El Dia De Los Muertos. It's what she collects. Other people have coins.. She has day of the dead skulls. From salt shakers to jewelry to pens. So being a great big sister we had our bonding moments.  I did her nails. Her thumbs and middle fingers are the ones that choose as her accent nails. Base is white. Eyes are little flower decals I had lying around. For the teeth used a medium sized dotting tool and did for dots on top, all connecting and touching, followed by four on the bottom. After that dried I added eight smaller dots. Enjoy!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Influenster Vivavoxbox

So taking my daily surveys has paid off. I have gotten my influester vivavoxbox. It had been filled with goodies from head to toe. THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. I RECIEVED THIS ITEMS COMPLIMENTARY FOR TESTING PURPOSES FROM INFLUENSTER. In my box i received these items.
The first item I received is the Vaseline spray & go moisturizer. The scent had a light cocoa butter fragrance. Now this can is suppose to allow you to literally spray and go. Although I love this concept, I can't help but rub it into my skin. It comes it as a steady stream of spray, so what I have been doing is soaring in one centralized location and rubbing into the needed spots.
   Items 2 and 3, two different colors of the Pure Ice nail polish. Honestly, not impressed. I needed three coats to get the color to pop. Then the next day my nails started to chip!! Grrrr!!! Not a happy camper. The glittery polish was a bit better,  but I think that is because I put a different color underneath the glittery polish. The glittery polish, "it's complicated", does have a lovely mix of blues, silvers, greens and pinks. When paired up with the Pure Ice "after hours" polish looks amazing! Pure Ice does offer an array of colors from creams to glitters, exclusively for Walmart, but personally, as a nail polish addict this is one brand I am going to stay away from. I will be using these polishes for details on my nails.
  In my amazing box i also received a Shell network card. It's a Fuels Rewards Network program. Tho, I do have rewards cards I don't pump Shell gasoline into my Snow. I was kind enough to pass the Shell rewards card to my mom. She seems to enjoy it. Sadly, she has yet to reap the rewards. In other words, she hasn't cashed in. LOL.
   To pucker up my lips I received NYC New York Color Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color. The color is bold and catching. Almost like the red apple Snow White bites into, for her deep slumber. I feel like I'm the walking apple for any man that dares to take a bite. It goes on so smoothly and manages to keep my lips hydrated. Unlike other samples I have recieved.... The stick is a little fluffy (thank you Gabriel iglesias). With a wonderfully paired Twistable bottom. I would recommend using a lip liner to define the lips. For the time being I can't seem to stray from it. I'm rather infatuated.
  To cleanse my face after a long day of wearing make up, I'm pleased to say I acquired the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths. Hmmmm.. not a bad hmmm... Just a contemplating one. I have had a rather annoying time finding the perfect make up remover. Ok... When it comes to making my skin fresh and moisturized these cloths will do the job. I feel clean and I don't feel the build up in pores. Sadly, I would not recommend using this to remove the make up. I had a horrible experience, which eventually lead to use my original make up remover.
   Ah... The Montagne Jeunesse clay spa.... Easy to use. The packaging was a plus and my skin felt as though I went to get a facial. I am very, very please.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March ipsy!

I have recieved my 2nd ipsy bag! And I couldnt be happier! I received my fun-tastic beauty items, in a Klari Reis inspired baggie! In this baggie I recieved a Be A bombshell eyeshadow pallet; dubbed Bora Bora, they are shimmery and make me feel like im at the beach. Colors are Scarlet, Bora Bora, Risky Business, and Rock Bottom.  The subtle tones and shimmers are a perfect for both day and night. Transition is great!
   I also received Nicole by O.P.I. this is part of their roughles called On What grounds? Love the color. Its a lighter blue shade that reminds me of a clear sky during the summer. The texture... hmmm... idk... im a HUGE fan of shiny,  glitter polishes. This polish went on really thick; so I only needed one coat of this polish. It does have a very fine sandy texture,  if you love textured polishes then this maybe for you. For me not so much.
      Item 3 in my Klari pouch. A bareMinerals lipstick. This is from their Marvelous Moxie brand.  This color is "Get Ready"  its a lovely shade of pink. Which I love!!! Keeps my lips feeling moist and refreshed!  It comes in 18 fiesty shades (I swear thats what the box says)
  Final item; the Pixi Skin tone shimmer primer! Amazing!!!! I love it! Held my make up in place with a very mellow shimmer highlight in the light. Love this flawless beauty primer!!
  Let me also add that this is my personal opinion on the items that I recieved at a subscription member of Ipsy  :-D

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I have been a maven for quite some time. Every month has become more like a "me moment" and "me time". As a maven, I was classified by Juleps standards as "a Boho Glam, you're a dynamic free spirit with a creative eye. You favor a mix of earthy tones and playful, vibrant colors." Of which I will not argue! I feel as tho that fits me, just right. My march maven box was amazing, to which I will add I got a little candy surprise!
This month was with two beautifully crafty colors a light take on lavender called "Elisa", followed by a mixture of what seems to orange and pink creating a color called "harriet". To add a little pop of color to my lips; my March maven bohoglam box came with a lovely shimmery, long lasting gloss dubbed "enchanted" I fell in love with this box!

Monday, March 3, 2014


g! After being on the waitlist I have my first baggie!! My first ipsy bag!! Take a look! 

Eyetini, j.cats lashes, pop makeup, zoya polish!
J.cats lashes on, yay'all lovely look. I love love lashes!!
zoya polish! Mily goodness!