Sunday, March 9, 2014


I have been a maven for quite some time. Every month has become more like a "me moment" and "me time". As a maven, I was classified by Juleps standards as "a Boho Glam, you're a dynamic free spirit with a creative eye. You favor a mix of earthy tones and playful, vibrant colors." Of which I will not argue! I feel as tho that fits me, just right. My march maven box was amazing, to which I will add I got a little candy surprise!
This month was with two beautifully crafty colors a light take on lavender called "Elisa", followed by a mixture of what seems to orange and pink creating a color called "harriet". To add a little pop of color to my lips; my March maven bohoglam box came with a lovely shimmery, long lasting gloss dubbed "enchanted" I fell in love with this box!

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