Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 21st mani

I found a nifty place near my humble abode. I can just say that the prices are AMAZING!! 50% off all Essie and OPI polishes!!! Soooooo, being that I have this fasination will all things nails related. I am proud to say that I have a complete collection of the OPI Muppets Most wanted Collection. Anyways, I am getting off track... bahahahaha. Todays post is this weeks mani!! I was feeling the creative bone, and although I realized I need to practice my hearts, here is my MANI!!! Using my Julep Oxygen base coat (which I am totally in love with), I covered all my 10, extremely long nail beds! My hearts were done with a very small dotting tool!! Dont have a dotting tool, use a toothpick!!

Here is my base coat!
My base colors OPI Angel with a Leadfoot and China Glaze Aquadelic


  1. The hearts are adorable and you did a great job! I like the color combination as well.

    1. AWE!!! You are so sweet. I felt I needed happy summery colors... there is a beach mani that I am dying to do... but I need the time *le sigh*

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