Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dark and bright mani

Todays mani. Simple yet satisfying! I am not feeling that great today.  Its been a long and tedious day. Since I have been sick and I wanted to do something dark, but cute!
Starting off with my base coats, I use two one, one is a mega growth serum by Arissa the other is Orly Bonder..
   I have two accent nails and the rest are plain black Wet n Wild polish which is Ebony hates chris. Yes that's the name of the polish!
  The accent nail in solid gold: sinful colors in Paris. This is my last bottle and im tryjng to milk it for all I can. I love how thick it is and isnt very sheer. Really gives my nail that extra pop!
The second accent nail has the wet n wild Ebony hates chris as a bottom coat and on top I have the Revlon nail sticky! I cut it to make the strip in the middle! Added my top coat Seche Vite and tada!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bling Bling Nails

I just want to say,  I love this mani! Looks like my nails went clubbing!! I got the idea from here. Amazing nail design! Base coat: Arissa (mega growth), sinful colors: 52 cream pink, wet n wild: 229c ebony hates Chris (that name makes me laugh), spoiled: S068 Jewerly Heist, top and final coat NYC: 202 Grand Central Station. Oh yeah!!!! Im happy with my manicure of the day!