Friday, May 9, 2014

Influenster Vivavoxbox

So taking my daily surveys has paid off. I have gotten my influester vivavoxbox. It had been filled with goodies from head to toe. THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. I RECIEVED THIS ITEMS COMPLIMENTARY FOR TESTING PURPOSES FROM INFLUENSTER. In my box i received these items.
The first item I received is the Vaseline spray & go moisturizer. The scent had a light cocoa butter fragrance. Now this can is suppose to allow you to literally spray and go. Although I love this concept, I can't help but rub it into my skin. It comes it as a steady stream of spray, so what I have been doing is soaring in one centralized location and rubbing into the needed spots.
   Items 2 and 3, two different colors of the Pure Ice nail polish. Honestly, not impressed. I needed three coats to get the color to pop. Then the next day my nails started to chip!! Grrrr!!! Not a happy camper. The glittery polish was a bit better,  but I think that is because I put a different color underneath the glittery polish. The glittery polish, "it's complicated", does have a lovely mix of blues, silvers, greens and pinks. When paired up with the Pure Ice "after hours" polish looks amazing! Pure Ice does offer an array of colors from creams to glitters, exclusively for Walmart, but personally, as a nail polish addict this is one brand I am going to stay away from. I will be using these polishes for details on my nails.
  In my amazing box i also received a Shell network card. It's a Fuels Rewards Network program. Tho, I do have rewards cards I don't pump Shell gasoline into my Snow. I was kind enough to pass the Shell rewards card to my mom. She seems to enjoy it. Sadly, she has yet to reap the rewards. In other words, she hasn't cashed in. LOL.
   To pucker up my lips I received NYC New York Color Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color. The color is bold and catching. Almost like the red apple Snow White bites into, for her deep slumber. I feel like I'm the walking apple for any man that dares to take a bite. It goes on so smoothly and manages to keep my lips hydrated. Unlike other samples I have recieved.... The stick is a little fluffy (thank you Gabriel iglesias). With a wonderfully paired Twistable bottom. I would recommend using a lip liner to define the lips. For the time being I can't seem to stray from it. I'm rather infatuated.
  To cleanse my face after a long day of wearing make up, I'm pleased to say I acquired the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths. Hmmmm.. not a bad hmmm... Just a contemplating one. I have had a rather annoying time finding the perfect make up remover. Ok... When it comes to making my skin fresh and moisturized these cloths will do the job. I feel clean and I don't feel the build up in pores. Sadly, I would not recommend using this to remove the make up. I had a horrible experience, which eventually lead to use my original make up remover.
   Ah... The Montagne Jeunesse clay spa.... Easy to use. The packaging was a plus and my skin felt as though I went to get a facial. I am very, very please.